Tuesday, April 17, 2012

how to change wifi password

just to share what i noe :)

first and foremost go to this link 192.168.01

RG Login Page
 Direct connect PC to RG using LAN 1/2/3 or wireless (If wireless connected to RG)
(If there no extra LAN cable use cable from RG to ONU/VDSL Modem)
 Check default Gateway of the connected PC (RG IP might be different from default)
 Open any browser and key-in Gateway IP
 Firmware Version of RG located at upper right corner
 Enter Username/Password of RG

so lepas login korang akan nampak ini 

pastue korang pilih setup,then amik wireless conetion setup wizard.

pastue nanti dia akan keluar macam ni..so ssid tu adalah nama wifi korang so korang leh tukar nama sendiri sesuke  hati.dah letak nama wifi baru korang click je next
pastue akan keluar lah macam ni after korang tekan nex..so sini lah letak password wifi yang baru..so korang letak la ape2!!lepas dah letak tekan next and save setting..so dia akan reboot utuk effect kan ape korang tukar tadi..

jadi selmat mencuba..rajin2 lah tukar password wifi korang untuk better internet conettion!!!

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